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tv   Today  NBC  October 27, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MDT

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we will look at some more of them coming up on 9 news channel 20 at 7:00 a.m. we are he good morning. numbers game. three new polls, three vep different stories, is hillary clinton ahead or is it a statistical dead heat. the campaign hitting the road for the first time with first showing her own campaign staff worried about potential conflicts. i'm going to open the door. >> smoke fills a door in boston with frantic passengers trapped inside. some kicking out windows to escape. five people were treated for
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led to that frightening scene. tiger attack. kids on a school field trip witness a horrific scene. a tiger claws at her trainer. everybody, including the tiger, doing better this morning. and chicago. >> that is one into the corner. a whopper! >> the cubs tie up the world series with a solid win over cleveland they head to iconic wrigley field. an iconic 71 years in the making. on october 27th, 2016. and good morning, everybody, welcome to "today" on this thursday morning.
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sides. >> yesterday you were all about corey kluber and jake arrieta no love. >> he threw a gem. he threw a gem. >> he went six innings. 5-1 win. we go back to the windy city on friday night. this will be a great series. >> so exciting. >> we will talk more about that in a little wheel. meanwhile, with 12 days until the election, let's get right to the state of the race. today, look at some of the polls that might leave you a little bit confused. this one from the associated press shows clinton with a percentage points. >> put it if we go over to usa today's new poll, the advantage drops to clinton plus nine points. >> there is this one from fox news, trump is gaining ground pulling within three points of clinton within the margin of error. she was up by six points last week. >> we'll try to get clarity. our decision 2016 team is in place. let's go to peter alexander on
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hi, peter. general good morning. >> reporter: donald trump has no room for error. he needs to win the state of ohio if he has a shot for the white house. he is continuing to blast the media for the phoney polls. he is touting some polls . hillary clinton faces new scrutiny after a new batch of e-mails released by wikileaks. donald trump hit the gas in north carolina. >> if we win onth 8th, we're going to washington d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. >> reporter: with just days to go, hillary clinton celebrating her 69th birthday is trying to push an up beat message. >> i'm going to do everything i can to reach out to people who didn't vote for me. >> reporter: it comes as clinton is under fire over stolen e-mails released by wikileaks.
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doug band discussing how work for the foundation could be used to extract large speaking fees and other paid work for the former president. even referring to the operation as bill clinton inc. also included, the time hillary clinton considered attending a meeting in moro consider f con -- mo morocco. she will makeer appearance with michelle obama, rallying college students in north carolina. as for trump, he is taking another swipe at clinton and another republican rival refusing to endorse him. >> she has less energy than jeb bush. i mean it. >> reporter: during trump's detour to d.c. to promote his new hotel, the candidate detoured from his candidate message. >> congratulations, newt last night. that was an amazing night.
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>> you are fascinating with sex. >> i'm not fascinated by sex but i am fascinated by the protection of women. >> reporter: as for the hotel ribbon cutting, trump is arguing he will do for the country what he did with his hotels. >> i will note he once again relied on the same people he has been insulting and demonizing throughout this campaign. >> reporter: trump responding to the accusations late wednesday. >> she said i used illegal immigrants to build the building. except i didn't use one. >> reporter: facing a potential upset in utah, trump's running mate, mike pence made an unlikely visit to the republican strong hold urging voters not to back evan mcmullin who is
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on the ballot that have a chance to be president of the united states of america. >> mcmullin, a mormon, firing back tweeting a vote for trump is a vote for rig lessous bigotry, misogo in fy and expansion of government. >> tensions remain high as well as real concerns about the possibility of violence on election day. this is a tweet from the former congressman joe walsh, a warning of sorts. it writes if trump loses, i'm grabbi you in? he was talking about protesting after election day but there is another new poll from usa today that shows 51% of likely voters say they have real concerns about violence on election day. matt and savannah? >> some schools that are polling places are closed because of the concerns. let us bring in steve korneki and nicolle wallace.
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the clintons have this advantage, they can bring out the surrogates, her husband, president, first lady, vice president. if you have it flanunted, we'll see a lot of this. >> it was a volume business. she had so many more. now in the wake of the megyn kelly fight it is not just quantity, it is quality. trump surrogates are doing him harm with the kinds of voters, suburban moms we've been tracking the general election that he needs close well within the final days. >> how do you counter? >> there isn't a counter. you have to get your candidate on message, stop congratulating newt gingrich and prosecute a case against hillary clinton. >> let's talk about that, steve. we talked at the beginning about how the polls are kind of all over the place. there is a new ad from the clinton campaign this morning
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he is right. they know the polls are tightening. how do you account for it and do you think this drip, drip, drip of the wikileak revelations are having an affect. >> the polls are all over the place. what i try to do when you see three on one end, 14 on the other, average them together. looks like about a six point clinton lead. one thing they're worried about is the tightening in the polls, potential complacency. they see need to show up. they want to maximize turn out and when you have wikileaks in the news, the clinton foundation in the news, one of the big things, republicans, it has been a long time for them to come around, they may come around seeing things negative for the clintons. >> we'll ask you to do double duty and head over to the board. let's talk about where things are tightening and the key races. >> we have the race for 270. if you're donald trump, you have
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every state in gray, toss upstate, you have to run the table. you have to win every single one of these and then flip one state that is blue right now. we have two new polls we can show you. two new nbc polls. nevada, a must win toss upstates. this is good news for donald trump. tied out in nevada. this is a state he had fallen behind in in the debates. he has to win all of them, but then also has to flip a blue states. one of the blue states campaign talks about new hampshire. check this out brand new nbc wall street journal poll, a nine point lead for hillary clinton. dig into the numbers, we see a gender gap. drip winning among men by 10 points. a 20 point advantage. one thing to highlight out in nevada. the college, noncollege divide we talk about, look, among professional voters, hillary clinton, donald trump tied among blue-collared voter, a 20 point advantage for donald trump. he would have to win nevada, win
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hampshire, still a lot for him to accomplish. >> thank you very much. let us talk about two powerful earthquakes that hit central italy crumbling churches. the quakes with magnitudes of 5.5 and 6.1 knocked out power and sent people out into the streets. the tremors come two months after a powerful quake struck that region, killing nearly 300 people. there are no reports of serious injuries in the wake of these quakes. now to the frantic scene in boston we showed you at the top. passengers in a panic after a motor on a subway train over heated filling the cars with smoke. tom costello has the latest on it. >> reporter: good morning, the subway in boston is called the t and this happened on the orange line. the train involved did not fully pull into the station preventing the station cars from opening, the doors. as they filled up with smoke, people started doing everything
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it was a minor smoke incident but created a major panic. the scary scene unfolding on boston subway after train cars packed with rush hour commuters suddenly filled with smoke. the chaos captured on cell phone videos. commuters franticly breaking windows, some falling and jumping to safety. others working to pry open the doors. >> i'm still shaking. >> reporter: pastry chef tracy taylor used her knife to smack her way to safety. >> i took my 8 inch chef knife. i did this. i'm also a certified black belt, and i attached it to my elbow like so and into the window. >> the train doors did not open because the engineer deliberately did not pull the train up to the platform, a move praised by the transit police. >> he made a conscious and the proper decision not to open the doors because folks would have jumped out on to a live third rail. >> reporter: it was a combination of two fires on the
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the black smoke to pour into the city's back bay station. >> it turned out to be a modifier and in the process we found trash on the tracks. >> five people taken in for smoke inhalation, pardon me, treated for smoke inhalation. three taken to the hospital. none of the injuries are life threatening and the entire situation were the two very minor incidents including the over heating motor. guys, back to you. >> what a scare for them. tom, thank you vermu disturbing allegations at one of the nation's top colleges. multiple women are accusing a university of wisconsin student of sexual assault. this morning, investigators say they have made a disturbing discovery at the suspect's apartment. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in madson with the latest. >> reporter: the student is due in court here later today for a bail hearing. his attorneys are blaming social media for a rush to judgment but according to a search warrant,
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to speak with investigators. this morning, the university of wisconsin is in shock as multiple women accuse a student of sexual assault. >> it has been pretty devastating. >> reporter: so far, alec cook faces nine charges involving four women but prosecutors say many more counts are possible. investigators searching his apartment say they found a black book in his nightstand with names of women he had met, describing in a very systematic way what he them. according to the search warrant, disturbingly enough, there are statements of kill and statements of sexual desires. the first woman who went to police say cook strangled and assaulted her for more than two hours at his apartment on october 12th. as news of his arrest spread on campus, another woman came forward claiming he assaulted her, too, back in february. >> she saw him in news coverage
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forward and explain what happened and we're glad she did. she was brave to do so. >> reporter: cook's attorneys deny the allegations and say the client is a 20-year-old business major with no criminal history who has been charged, tried and convicted by a rapid fire internet news cycle. blind acceptance of mere accusations without hearing testimony or seeing physical evidence leads to the stigmatization of innocent people. theyoi attention at duke university and university of virginia. outrage is mounting. >> we keep hearing more and more about it. how there are multiple people who have been affected by it and i guess it just gets more and more sickening as we hear what has happened. >> reporter: cook has been suspended from the university and banned from campus. again, he is due here in court later today. matt and savannah.
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quickly after news that they toppled 30% from the year before. the company had to recall 2 million of the galaxy note 7 reports following reports that some of them caught fire. samsung estimates the discontinuation of that phone cost the company about three billion dollars. officials say they're expanding the probe into the note 7 fires beyond batteries and they're trying to reassure the investors they would get to the bottom of one of the worst product failures in tech history. we want to go back to the frightening video of a tiger attack. a trainer is recovering after being clawed and dragged by a bengal tiger at a fair in pensacola florida. this happened tuesday and happened in front of a group of children on a field trip. another trainer rushes in to try to help, was forced to hit the two-year-old tiger repeatedly with a stick until it finally let go. >> the woman did suffer several
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trainers and officials with the fair say they don't believe the tiger was acting viciously but playfully and we're told everybody, including the tiger is okay. >> hard to watch, though. the world series tied up at one game apiece after the chicago cubs beat cleveland last night. i got so many texts from savannah. she kept saying jake arrieta dominant. chicago broke the game open with three runs in the fifth and went game three is friday night at wrigley field in chicago. that is going to be a great ticket. >> that is a party. can you imagine the scene outside of wrigley field? world series. mr. roker is here. what is our weather going to be like here? >> friday night could be on the windy side. let's show you what we have going on. a weekend of baseball in chicago friday, windy, 63 degrees. some showers on saturday. 66, 55, a little bit of a cool down on sunday.
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snow to talk about making its way through upstate new york, western pennsylvania, northwestern new jersey and some of the snow in the upper elevations could be quite a bit. we could be talking about almost a half foot or more. this frontal system is pushing its way through with the vigorous low pressure system bringing heavier rain tonight into tomorrow. the snow will continue on into friday afternoon into northern new england. rain fall amounts anywhere one to three generally but the heavier amounts are around northeast maine. we have wintry travel. snow covered highways. snow fall amounts as we said, some areas could pick up up to eight inches to more in upstate or more. we'll get to your local forecast
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between michelle obama and hillary clinton. >> the first endry about the chandra levy case in years.
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jamie! you get sneaky-good coverage. thanks. we're gonna live forever! coming up on channel 20. i'm corey rose. here's a look at what's happening on channel 20 for 9news 7:00 a.m. apple is making a big announcement this morning, probably about a new mac book but as usual their lips are sealed at least for a few more hours. what we know about the announcement on channel 20. you would be hard-pressed to find someplace with better
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town anyway, now is the time to buy. we will tell you why. let's check weather and traffic with amelia and marty. it has been a rough morning. >> it is a rough morning. you can tell by the fact i'm still walking over here to do this update. we've got our cdot cams here, views around town, i-25 is essentially closed down at toma. we have seen one car at a time get by this crash southbound on the freeway. four separate accidents all around the castle ro are impacting us greatly. i'm not sure if they are just letting the traffic go that's stuck between the closure point and the additional wrecks or if they are letting one lane of traffic through. so we are going to check in with colorado state patrol to get those updates. other problems around town include a car into a building with extensive damage at 14th and downing as well as an auto- pedestrian crash and that happened right in front of the capital building at 17th and lincoln and there's a pretty big presence there and so many folks filter into that part of
7:28 am
really busy. we will update you, of course, through the day. for us, mainly sunny conditions, a few high clouds over the continental divide through the day and pushing near 80 degrees or better. bear in mind the regular high is 80 today. i think we may be able to break that during the day and then tie a record high tomorrow after cooling off ever so
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7:30 now on a thursday morning, october 27th, 2016. nice crowd out on a chilly morning here in new york city. al will go out in a little while. we'll go out >> we'll send al. let us know how it goes. >> we'll go out there in a second. let's look at headlines. authorities in oklahoma say the trail has gone cold in the four day old manhunt in the suspect in a deadly shooting spray. michael vance is accused of killing two others and injuring four others including two police officers. investigators have no idea where vance is, adding that it is possible he has died if he didn't receive treatment for a
7:31 am
with police. a chaotic scene in boston last night's passengers breaking out windows, climbing onto the platform to escape a smoke-filled train. the train was about to pull out of the station when the motor over heated. at least five people had to be treated for smoke inhalation. >> the democratic national committee filed papers accusing the republican counterparts of violating a court order meant to prevent voter intimidation. they claim the rnc is supporting donald trump in discouraging minoti completely meritless. in today's campaign moment, ben affleck is going full boston to get out the vote. >> they're so nice, they don't even yell at you in their car. at least not north of manchester. seeing how this is a bigger disaster than the new york knicks, the people from new hampshire will have to register and vote. >> ben is starring in that psa from funny or die.
7:32 am
for the first time during this election. nbc's kristin welker has been looking at the relationship between two of the country's most influential women. kristin, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. clinton campaign officials call michelle obama a rock star, someone capable of energizing the obama coalition while at the same time shredding donald trump. hillary clinton and michelle obama have had a complimented rich in the past surrogate. this morning, a first. hillary clinton and michelle obama teaming up on the campaign trail together. >> thank you! >> reporter: for a powerful 1-2 political punch. >> hello, everyone! >> reporter: an increasingly if big presence on the train, she is her not so secret weapon. a very personal speech
7:33 am
this famous line from michelle obama's convention speech. >> when e we go low, they go high? i'm reminded of what my friend, michelle obama, advised us all. when they go low, you go high. >> and clinton aides say there is no one better at attacking donald trump. >> he is threatening the very idea of america itself. and we cannot stand f rosy between the current and former first lady. in 2008 when hillary clinton was locked in a bitter battle with then senator barack obama, tensions at times boiled over. >> you're likeable enough. no doubt. >> reporter: mrs. obama getting personal. >> you can't run your own house. you certainly can't run the white house. >> reporter: words a pro trump super pac has seized upon. >> if you can't run your own house, you certainly can't run
7:34 am
book, first women that tensions lingered into the second administration, mrs. obama rooting for joe biden to root against secretary clinton last year. >> reporter: the adage, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. the fact that the clintons and obamas are bound together in their dislike and deep disdain for donald trump. >> michelle obama's approval and even her husband's. the first lady, a unifying figure the campaign hopes will be the closer. >> we need to do everything we can to help her and tim kaine win this election. i know i'm going to be doing it. are you with me? >> reporter: one top clinton official tells me they were actually surprised at how eager and accessible michelle obama was to get out on the trail. they may not be the last time you see the two women together
7:35 am
>> kristin welker. thank you very much. it is a chilly start in the northeast and new england. it will stay that way until we get to the weekend. a big dip in the jet stream. the moisture makes its way in. we'll be seeing all of the snow. look at the temperatures, it finally gets into the 50s in utica. 59 in ba b bangor, 50. denver will be 20 degrees above average at 80, wichita, 77, memphis, you'll see 80 degrees and heading into the weekend, temperatures into the 70s in annapolis. atlanta is in the mid-80s. houston, the mid-80s as well. that is toasty.
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and >> and get your latest weather. check it out on the weather channel 24/7. >> how can you really tell if the meat in your fridge is fresh? taste it, right? tool that promises to change your life. >> you say this to someone else, try this. >> a new way to look at a halloween favorite. >> hi, good morning, i'm jeff rossen, coming up, so many of us visiting haunted houses but some of them warn you if you have a heart condition, don't come in. it got us wondering, what really happens to your body when you're scared out of your mind? i'm strapping on medical
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reports. this morning the start of a special halloween series. >> we will begin with an interesting way to look at the popular and scary haunted houses, are they bad for your health? jeff, good morning. and the guinea pig for the morning. >> we are having a huge debate in the studio. matt, you love haunted houses. >> love haunted houses. >> savannah. >> fraidy cat. >> i do not like haunted houses. it is pitch black, you have to walk through tight spaces, you have no idea what'ski your legs, you always see those signs before you go in saying if you have a heart condition, blood pressure problems, anxiety you shouldn't go inside. what's really happening to your body when you're scared? this morning we are about to show you. >> they are horrifying and make you scream. haunted houses are designed to
7:42 am
strict warning, don't step inside if you have medical problems and enter at your own risk. so we wondered what actually happens to your body when you walk through a haunted house. we are here at blood manor today, one of the scariest haunted houses my producers could find. i will be wired up with medical devices monitoring my vital in realtime to see what happens mind. >> this cardiologist checks my blood pressure and heart rate before i go in. >> your blood pressure and heart rate look normal. >> so i'm good to go. >> you are good to go. >> before i step in the doctor has one last warning. >> there are hormones that rush through your system, the fight or flight syndrome and these hormones can increase your hormone, blood pressure, make your respiratory rate go up, this can cause a heart attack
7:43 am
jumps out at me my heart rate jumps up to 100 beats per minu. by the way, it's pitch black in here. we have special infrared cameras catching every moment. i feel my heart pounding, the doctor watching it all right outside. >> wow. heart rate is now 112. >> with every step i take -- >> this is why i hate haunted houses. >> -- more and more spikes in my heart rate. >> heart rate is now up to 120, 125. >> but it keeps climbing. this shock sends it up to 138. >> oh, god. >> and watch what happens at the end of this 3-d maze. right there, my heart rate shoots up to 146. >> this is like running, he is
7:44 am
body actually thinks i'm exercising hard, potentially dangerous for someone with heart problems. i finally make it out. >> i do not like haunted houses. do not make me to that again. >> sorry. >> do not make me do that again. >> i'm looking at your heart rate right now and it is still up and you've been out of there for a couple minutes but you are going to be fine because you are a healthy adult, but if you have a heart condition you should not go into a haunted house, it problems for you and your heart. >> a spooky look inside your body. when you're scared out of your mi mind. >> took one for the team. so what is considered a potentially dangerous heart rate for you? easy way to calculate it at home, take the number 220 and subtract your age. if your heart rate goes over that many beats per minute the
7:45 am
>> 220 minus 29. >> times two. >> i still love them. tamron does not love them. >> a year ago we did a haunted house. >> two years ago. >> i literally had to go to the hospital. >> i called al and i said something is wrong i need to go to the hospital, i went to the er, he was like you need to get in there and i for a muscle. i don't understand the thrill. >> i don't, either. >> you are the only one that likes them, matt. >> i take my family to one every this one. >> do your kids go in? >> they don't necessarily make it out. >> you started with three. >> every year. >> thank you. coming up, is the 70s super group abba finally ready to unite? we will tell you what's being planned.
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we're non stop, we've gotta have our extra protein. oikos triple zero greek non fat yogurt has 15 grams of protein. zero added sugar, zero artificial sweetener and zero fat. and zero holding me back! oikos triple zero. be unstoppable. mmm dannon so the cubs are from chicago, the indians are from cleveland. tamron is talking more about the world series. >> as we mentioned earlier the cubs are one step closer to world series win, the indians are, too, so the series is tied
7:50 am
you can believe this who saw this coming many years ago, not savannah, by the way. here is who did see it, take a look, guys, at michael smith's yearbook photo from 1993, the caption reads "chicago cubs 2016 world champions" and he goes on to say "you heard it here first." that's 1993. his picture went viral as social media users could not get over this prediction. there is another student who caught attention online f charlie turner's professor discovered he snuck out of class early on monday and wrote in an e-mail can you explain this or should i take it as deceit for which i have zero tolerance. turner replied with complete honesty saying he ditched class to see the indians play in the world series, even including a picture as proof and he clearly found his professor's soft spot, his zero tolerance spot change, it says, do you know what, it
7:51 am
so i think it's kind of a mash up of ferris buler because didn't buler miss school for the world series? >> right, but this kid is a scholar, did you notice where he goes to school? >> ohio state, your school. >> matt lauer alma mater. >> the ohio university. >> ohio university, exactly. >> they didn't have zero tolerance when you were there. >> they didn't. tamron, thank you. coming up, whyic celebrate at the rio cliemps than any of us new at the time. and we're life with priscilla presley on a big day at graceland. first to your local news and
7:52 am
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you're acting so funny, what's wrong, billy? are they contagious? i don't think so.
7:56 am
coming up on channel 20. >> i'm gary shapiro. here's what's coming up on channel 20 for 9news 8:00 a.m. new morning a fresh perspective on a shooting involving a douglas county deputy dan brie. he was shot. colleen ferrara will give us an update on soon to be released body cam video of that incident. hang up the phone, put the mascara away and don't be eating. if you're guilty of distracted driving arapahoe county deputies are getting creative
7:57 am
and a last minute push for votes continues, both candidates campaigning today as the race is getting tighter in one key state. we will talk about that. let's check the weather and traffic with amelia and marty. >> thank you, gary. let's talk about castle rock. we are going to go down south, the backups have been pretty massive out to our maps and the drive both directions leading up to toma road very, very tough but the 4 1/2 mile delay -- stretch of delay leading up to the earlcr crashes northbound to southbound all around this big closure of the highway, still trying to break down. now, both directions of the highway are getting through but there's still so much curiosity, there's a lot of debris on the highways. westbound 76, there's a wreck at federal with slowdowns back to i-25 with 22-mile-per-hour average speeds and i-70 has got three different crashes, so we will detail those over on 20. around here today we have some beautiful clouds out there this morning, those will thin a bit as we go through the afternoon here for the front
7:58 am
some moisture moving into western colorado during the evening tonight. it is a warm day, that's why we are anticipating with highs at or above the record of 80 degrees for today's date. mainly sunny conditions around here today. tomorrow a few clouds here and there, once again running near the record high for the date, we do cool slightly for the weekend and then into the 60s for the early part of next week, again, halloween looking just fine around here th or-treat temperatures with dry
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, a dozen days to go, a dozen polls to choose from. how tight is the race between hillary clinton and donald trump? and the new e-mails released by wikileaks showing concerns among clinton's own staff about fund-raising at her foundation. plus, going to graceland. >> come on. i have so much to show you. >> great. let's do it. >> priscilla presley gives jenna a personal tour of the new guest house at grace land just steps away from elvis' legendary mansion. the look of the larger than lifestyle inspired by the king himself.
8:01 am
the abba reunion 35 years in the making but is it what fans have really been waiting for? "today," thursday, october 27th, 2016. ? >> all the way from madison, georgia, to be on the "today" show. >> all the way from des moines, iowa. >> two kentucky girls taking on nyc. >> all of the way from north carolina. i'm celebrating my sweet 16. >> all the way from chester, illinois. we love you, "today." >> abe lincoln turned 5 months old on "today." >> good morning. welcome back to "today." it's thursday, october 27th. it's 2016. now, you have picked an awesome song for your throwback thursday. got a little janet going on.
8:02 am
night. >> smuggle up. >> and janet jackson, "pleasure principle" was running through my house, dance music because it's freezing and rain out here. >> we were in the '90s. >> right. >> that's why they call it a throwback thursday song. coming up, slimy spiders, frankenstein, and cheesecakes. we're making halloween treats that are almost too weird to eat. >> i see a milkshake. >> that looks delish. the fridge out here. after halloween we have thanksgiving right around the corner. for today's turkey trot we're searching for a great chef with holiday recipes to share. just go to, submit a video of the foodie in your life and we're going to try and give them a surprise from one of their favorite celebrity chefs. >> cute. let's get a check of the morning's top stories. here's the news at 8:00. >> good morning. this morning we begin with the race for the white house. i'm hallie jackson in geneva, ohio, where donald trump will
8:03 am
this battleground. he insists he's winning, and in this state he actually is by a slim margin. but take a look nationally at new poll numbers out this morning. the associated press has hillary clinton up by 14 percentage points. fox news has her up by 3, as she hits the trail in north carolina today with one of her top surrogates. with trademark trump bravado the gop nominee's nowal yeah. >> reporter: today in ohio donald trump will sell himself to voters. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: after selling his personal brand at a hotel ribbon cutting wednesday. trump, getting defensive when asked why he's spending time in washington rather than on the trail. >> i think it's a very rude question. question, to be honest with you. >> trump, pausing his pitch for a surprise shoutout to newt
8:04 am
>> after gingrich's feisty interview with megyn kelly. >> you are fascinating with sex and you don't care about public policy. >> i'm not fascinated by sex but i am fascinated by the protection of women. >> that was an amazing interview. we don't play game, newt. right? we don't play games. >> reporter: hillary clinton in florida trying to capitalize on trump's dc pit stop. >> while the hotel may be new it's the same old story. he relied on undocumented workers to make his project >> i didn't hire one illegal immigrant to build trump international hotel on pennsylvania avenue. >> reporter: in tampa clinton looking to tweak trump with special guest, celebrity chef. >> today could be in a certain hotel in washington, d.c. >> reporter: he's locked in a legal battle with trump for bailing on plans to build a restaurant at the new hotel after trump called some mexicans rapists. today clinton will have an even
8:05 am
popular political figure in the country, our polls show, and the clinton campaign's not so secret weapon. >> if you want to get hillary elected, vote! >> reporter: clinton holds a comfortable lead nationally but she's still not complacent, she says. >> i don't pay attention to polls when they're good and i don't pay at things to them when they're bad. i really don't. >> her strategy, rack up enough support during early voting now to withstand a possible trump surge. sending her running mate to where tim kaine caught game two of the world series. cheering on the indians and hoping for a win himself. but the clinton campaign is still dealing with the wikileaks release of stolen campaign e-mails. the latest batch showing even her own aides had concerns about how clinton foundation dealings could affect her presidential run. trump meanwhile in a new interview out this morning would not commit to working with clinton if she wins. savannah?
8:06 am
a skywest airlines pilot is free on bail after being jailed for allegedly trying to fly a commercial aircraft while intoxicated. 38-year-old russell duszak was arrested outside the cockpit on wednesday as the plane was getting ready to fly out of rapids city, south dakota, flight to salt lake city. tsa officers reported smelling alcohol on the first officer. police say duszak's blood alcohol level was above the legal limit of .04. if year in jail and a $2,000 fine. coming up, former congressman gary condit opens up about the extremely tough meeting he had with chandra levy's parents after her disappearance. also ahead, what justin timberlake has to say about his voting booth controversy. and priscilla presley gives you an exclusive tour inside the new hotel at graceland, but
8:07 am
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blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. no matter what you love, we'll help you style your home from floor to ceiling. now get 10 to 15% off select kohler bath products we're back. it's 8:09. new revelations from former congressman gary condit's first interview about the chandra levy case in 15 years. here's nbc's joe fryer. swept up in a media whirlwind gary condit was
8:10 am
2001 and later found murdered. condit has always denied the affair and quickly dismissed as a suspect by investigators and now he's breaking his silence speaking with dr. phil. >> did you sit down with the levys at any point? >> yeah, there was an arranged meeting with susan levy as well as dr. levy in washington, d.c. i went there thinking it would be at least an hour meeting, or so meeting, and they could have asked me anything they wanted. mrs. levy showed up. the meeting lasted maybe 15 minutes. chandra and she asked me if i would cooperate with her detectives. i'm sure it was extremely tough for them but i think i could have been helpful. i wanted there to be a productive time i could talk to them because i think they were being fed information by someone on the fringe that was just not correct. >> reporter: in 2010, already serving time for sexually assaulting other women was
8:11 am
this year they dropped the charges saying they could no longer prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. it's all part of condit's new book "actual malice." >> he feels like that the time that they spent focusing on him and what his relationship was with her was time that could have more productively been spent on investigating who killed chandra levy. >> reporteut condit's story than what he has said. they long said he had a secret relationship with condit. they spoke with "today" in shape. >> i didn't ever carry identification. >> that to me is really -- >> yeah. >> -- very inappropriate. >> well, i don't think he wanted to be caught. >> reporter: again, condit has denied it was an affair. now after 15 years he will share more of his side of the story
8:12 am
for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. let us get another check of the weather from mr. roker. >> we got actually a late season hurricane in the west. and this is hurricane seymore, category storm, baja with 90-mile-per-hour winds and it's going the have an affect in southern california and make its way up to the north. we're not going to see its affects but the moisture from it will start to funnel into the south. meantime, big storm moving into the pacific northwest. flash flooding from seattle down to northern california. but then that rain enhanced moisture, tropical enhanced moisture will bring rain down to los angeles where we've got actually some flash flood watches for parts of central and southern california, san luis obispo county. they may see two inches of rain as well. mountain snows. near record highs in the southwest. plenty of sunshine through the gulf coast. that's what's going on around the country.
8:13 am
don't forget to check every day on sirius. a lot going on back here. there you go. >> someone say lunch? >> that's a good looking group right there. >> let's do a little trending. 8:13. >> we start with michael phelps and nicole johnson, rio, at least for me to watch, would be for you guys to be there, is getting to know them as a couple. a few times nicole and boomer came by our set.
8:14 am
michael's fiancee at the time but it turns out they had a little secret. they were already married. "people" magazine saying they tied the knot in a super secret ceremony back in june. this is of course before the olympics. and we looked back. nicole posted this photo on the night of the ceremony and the caption, such a memorable night with my little fambam. boomer did not want to hold still for that. congrats to them. >> so all that time in rio they were >> i think "people" magazine did. >> he lived his entire life it seems in the public eye. i love when someone keeps something private, keeps it a secret. i think that's fantastic. congratulations, both of them. >> we can't show that boomer picture enough. so cute. all right. is there anything worse than food poisoning? >> i can't think of anything. >> tell me about it. >> it's bad.
8:15 am
you. it's called the food sniffer. you're supposed to hold it next to a piece of meat, poultry, or fish and the device is going to then tell you if the food is fresh. the way it does it apparently is by reading temperature and humidity. the creator also says the sensor can pick up on any foul gasses the food may give off. the food sniffer is 130 bucks. well worth it if you've ever had food poisoning. it promises an accuracy rate of 90 i wonder if they can come up with a version for the laundry your kids generate. >> i don't think you need a sniffer for that. >> can't you smell it? >> you just open the door. >> i think that's a pretty intense device. >> it works, yeah, as you said, well worth the money. let's get to it. first, justin timberlake. i talked about him yesterday having a little fun at his own expense this time though.
8:16 am
controversy surrounding this selfie he took inside a voting booth in tennessee. it's a state that bans such photos. on the "tonight show," here's what they asked him what he's been up to lately. >> i recently voted. but super quiet, under the radar. >> i had no idea. i learned a little bit -- maybe i'll learn a little. >> this is going to be great. inspire people to vote. advice, don't take the picture in the vote booth without taking your state law. and a sketch earlier in the show justin and jimmy played teens at a sleep-away camp belting out a '90s classic. >> yeah, i really do, thanks. ? it's a free ride when you've already paid ?
8:17 am
>> that song, of course, was "ironic" by alanis morissette. i wonder who the camp counselor is. >> frightening. >> there you have it. next up, abba, more music here. one of the biggest acts of the 20th century taking on the future. the band has only reunited once in 30 years. but now, they're promising a different kind of reunion. something they're calling a virtual and live experience to give fans an up close look at the legend. details are sketchy. al is shruggling. i'll ask why in a second. the project will pick off next year and will use the latest technology to create digital time machine for fans. not impressed, mr. roker? >> i just wish they would get together and let their fans see them. just do it. >> it's a virtual thing. >> okay. >> so it's not enough to satisfy your abba cravings? >> no, i want them back together.
8:18 am
>> yeah. i like them. "dancing queen" is great. >> i just think it's fascinating. i think they shouldn't reunite. it gisves it a mystery. >> i want them back and i want them on the plaza. that's what i'm looking for. >> he wants the '70s back. >> that's it. >> one more. one more thing here for you to talk about today. finally, hollywood's new favorite couple. do you know who it is? martha stewart and snoop dogg are just the new buddy copy. they have a on "ellen"'s show they played, never have i ever. >> never i have ever sexted. >> oh. martha? >> martha has. >> martha? you've sexted? do you know what that is? >> i have used technology for a lot longer than you have.
8:19 am
is it someone current or is this a while ago? >> it doesn't say none of your business. >> there you have it. martha answered questions like at least you can't. that is your pop star. who in history would have predicted martha stewart and snoop dogg. >> i'm shocked that martha sexted. >> i know. >> you're not? >> she's been online dating. >> yeah, she did the dating thing. >> but there's a large distance between -- >> no. >> does sexting mean naked pictures? >> suggestions. >> okay. >> hey, muffin. >> martha stewart sexting. >> i feel like we need to define our terminology. >> call her. we know her. >> we should call her. >> you know her, yeah. she's on the show all the time. >> all right. tamron, thank you. give us a lot to think about today. something else trending this morning, a brand new and very special hotel in memphis. this is the largest hotel project in 90 years.
8:20 am
one of our favorite people. jenna? >> hi, y'all, i'm the lucky one to be with mrs. priscilla presley. we're at the new guest house of graceland. this property is just right down the block from the original graceland. it officially opens today. lucky for me, i got a sneak peek. ? elvis fans finding a new place to dwell. resort just steps away from the legendary performer's iconic memphis mansion, visited by some 600,000 fans each year. ? and now as a three-decade dream becomes a reality those fans will have a chance to experience a modern take on his larger than lifestyle with the help of priscilla presley who had a hand in the design process. >> you're going to give me a personal tour? >> i am. come on. i have so much to show you. >> great.
8:21 am
so this is a replica of the staircase in graceland? >> this is a grand staircase. >> it sure is. >> yes, it's a replica of the staircase in the front room as you enter graceland. the chandelier here is even larger replica of the same chandelier that's on the foyer as well. >> reporter: the sprawling 450-room resort features 20 elvis-themed suites, all fit for a king. and located on exclusive top floor, known as the upstairs, an area resembling elvis' private living quarters at graceland which no one but family and close friends have ever seen. >> so this is the suite you're staying in, the king suite. >> the king suite, that's right. >> this is the way that elvis' room looks in graceland? >> yes, red, black, and gold. as you notice up in the top here the canopy had a television set. >> yes. >> you can see it from here.
8:22 am
>> yes. i don't think we were ever up that early. we came home at that time. >> reporter: another suite inspired by the living room at graceland where the presleys would entertain close friends. >> play the piano or sometimes take a guitar and the guys would join in singing and harmonize with him. >> reporter: and this suite reminiscent of the presley's home in palm springs where elvis and priscilla spent their honeymoon. sister and him, myself, his father. it was just kind of this whole thing sprawled all over the couch. >> brings back great memories. >> yeah, it does. >> reporter: other amenities of the guest house, a 464-seat theater and five restaurants serving up southern comfort foods. >> where do you feel his presence the most in this whole place? >> graceland was where i really feel the presence.
8:23 am
style and design of what he loved. >> reporter: the guest house at graceland where elvis never leaves the building. thank you very much. >> now i'm with the lovely priscilla pressly. thank you for having us here. we made our way to the lobby. and elvis is in all of the details of this magnificent property, isn't that right? >> absolutely. i mean, if you look around even at the details of the couch, i mean, it's not just a plain couch. there's a little detail of purple that comes in with studs going around. i mean, he was such a -- he loved detail. and he was so stylish himself. i mean, when you look at the way he dressed even from the time he started out in the early '50s, i mean, everyone looked at him and said, my gosh, who is this? he had such a flare. this is really what this is all about, flare, it's taste, it's beautiful, it's comfortable. i mean, elvis -- everywhere you looked, it's -- elvis is here. in fact, a couple of people who are friends of mine who actually
8:24 am
when you see -- and if you knew him, you would see even the designs of the chair, he -- you know, he was way ahead of his time if you go to graceland. >> let's look at this amazing ceiling, it mirrors his jumpsuit, is that right? >> well, it's taken from a cape that was white with clear crystal. and you know, he was a showman. and he did it the first time in vegas when he brought out this cape and walked around and w showman. this cape was all white with little white crystal in it. it's just a subtle inspiration of that particular cape, if you can say subtle. but at night it looks so beautiful. >> so lit up. so you have 8-year-old grandbabies. what do you tell them about their granddaddy? >> oh, my gosh. they know a lot about him. listen to sirius radio. >> the elvis channel. >> yes, the elvis channel. and they ask questions about him and they just -- they're very
8:25 am
>> i can tell you you are, too. >> well, i'm really proud of this place. i just -- this is 30 years in the making. really, as far as planning, wanting to do this. we've had three other people who have tried to come up with something that they felt but this got it right. we have local designers that we've been working with, and i've been working very closely with them. >> thank you so much. it was such an honor to be down here. by the way, the cheese biscuits were fantastic. >> great food here. >> y'all need to come visit. i'm bringing you a mug, t >> jenna, thank you. >> i'll bring a cheese biscuit in my bag. >> priscilla, thank you as well. coming up, triplets and turning a spare room into a great nursery. >> then we are really getting into the halloween spirit. spooky and delicious treats for
8:26 am
croak. i'm corey rose. here's a look at what's happening on channel 20 for 9news 8:00 a.m. we are getting the look at body camera footage a parker police officer was wearing when he shot and killed a suspect back in september. the same suspect that fired his own gun just moments before a
8:27 am
brite in critical condition. colleen ferrara will have more on channel 20. the campaign to get people to vote is getting personal. political texts being sent right to your cell phone. some appreciate it, others want it to stop. either way, those texts are coming to hundreds. apple is sneaking in one more product unveiling before 2016 comes to an end. they are upgrading a device that is long over due for a makeover. vida urbonas gives a sneak preview on channel 20. let's tr marty. >> we are going to get right to it here. the delays on the south end of our denver tech center drive between there and castle rock are intense but we have also got additional delays. it's a 24 minute wait, c-470 from santa fe to 25 eastbound on top of the sunny skies we've got the glare -- with the glare, we've got a stall near colorado making that dry particularly tough today, especially into the 8:00 hour. usually clears out by now. it's a 22 minute ride southbound on 25 from downtown to the tech center and the
8:28 am
cleared but we still have pretty big backups both directions leading up to plum creek. >> i bet the cleanup is going to take a while with that one. >> yeah. and around here we have had a few clouds this morning, we will have fewer of them during the afternoon today and that's going to allow temps to go into the 70s to near 80 degrees. if we do hit that 81-degree forecast, that will be a new record high for the date. the existing one was set 50 years ago at 80 degrees. mainly sunny conditions, not a tremendous amount of wind for you today to 80 degrees. we do see clouds increase over the front range on saturday. that trims our temperatures ever so slightly for the weekend and an actual cold front comes through monday for halloween putting us in the 60s, still looks dry around here for the weekend. however, we will get some light showers developing tomorrow night into saturday morning
8:30 am
thursday morning, it's its 27th of october, 2016. do you know what? >> what? >> it's not a beautiful morning here, it's starting to rain heavier, chilly temperatures, a breeze in the air but we have a nice crowd gathered out here. i have to say we are hoping for an even -- you got it -- we've been hoping for an even bigger crowd on monday all dressed up
8:31 am
extravaganza. makes it so much more fun for us if you come down to the plaza dressed up, we will dress up as well and we will have a good time. we are not going to tell you what we will be this year as we never do. >> is it going to be cold on monday morning? >> no, actually nice and comfortable. >> i've been hearing about some slinky costumes. >> don't look at me. >> we're not looking at you. >> just ahead we will make sweet treats, they're scary, too, and they taste as good as they look. >> also ahead our friend jill deserving family expecting triplets transform a spare room into a much needed nursery. >> and our budding baseball players risking too much why major surgery is on the rise among certain young athletes, we've been talking about this with soccer now baseball. >> how about a check of the weather. >> let's show you what we have for today. looking into the weekend. for tomorrow record highs in the
8:32 am
the rockies and some heavier showers and thunderstorms on friday in the northeast. rain spreads through the great lakes, stayed up in the northeast, unseasonably warm throughout much of the country, more wet weather in the pacific northwest, central california, sunday, sunday, the warmth continues from the gulf coast, southeast on into the southwest and more heavy rain central, northern california and also in
8:33 am
don't forget get that weather anytime you need it, go to the weather channel. >> where are you from? >> england. >> where? >> england. >> where is england? >> london. >> london. all right. london swing. you guys almost don't sound like you have accents. >> we do. >> oh, you do. now we hear it. there you go. all right. savannah. al, thank you so much. now to our special series winning at all costs, we've been exploring the athletes. >> two games into the world series baseball fever obviously has taken over. this morning we are taking a look at youth baseball, pitching injuries and the surgery that more and more young players are having. nbc's janet shamlian has that story. >> my name is bryce hill. i'm 17. and i pitched for the seminole ridge baseball team. i think it's the best game in
8:34 am
>> reporter: bryce started little league at five years old, by eight he was pitching and once in middle school he dropped all other sports for baseball. >> how often did you play and practice? >> practice was an every day thing, five days a week, on the weekends i would play for my travel team. >> his talent well above average. by the age of 16 throwing pitches as fast as 91 miles an hour. >> do you think there is a lot of pressure on high school athletes to perform and play i know that when there is a scout back there and there is a radar gun pointing at you you know you want to throw your hardest. >> but then a set back. in january price tore a critical tendon in his right arm and an important decision loomed, whether to have what's known as tommy john's surgery. >> we wrestled with it, me and my wife spoke for hours about it and we just decided it's going to be his decision. >> it was a significant tear so i could either get the surgery
8:35 am
ever again. >> bryce decided to have the surgery with dr. jim andrews, the renowned orthopedic surgeon specializing in the procedure. tommy john was a 31-year-old pitcher for the los angeles dodgers. undergoing a brand new surgery that would eventually be known by his name. >> every time you pitch a baseball at 90 plus miles per hour you stress the ulnar collateral ligament normal breaking point. >> the surgery involves reconstructing the elbow's ucl uses a tending from elsewhere in the body. >> it used to be that this operation was designed for professional pitchers. in my practice there has been a tenfold increase in high school and younger youth baseball players that require the tommy john's procedure since year 2000. >> 57% of tommy john's surgeries are performed on teens aged 15
8:36 am
league baseball pitchers. according to a 2015 study, in the american journal of sports medicine. >> the number one risk factor for all these high school and younger kids tearing their ligament is specialization and year-round baseball. >> my name is brendon, i'm 11 and i'm the pitcher on the arkansas warriors baseball team. it's my favorite sport to play. >> brendon baits also started injury came when he was just 11. >> as soon as i got done warming up and got on the mound the first pitch it popped and started hurting bad. >> you knew something was wrong? >> yes. >> he said, dad, my elbow just popped and that was it. he didn't play no more. that's when we said we wanted an mri. let's see what's really going on. >> i can tell that's still a tough moment for you. >> oh, yeah, it was.
8:37 am
we're very careful with watching him, how much he pitches, when he pitches, how many innings he pitches. >> due to his young age dr. andrews wants brendan's arm to heal without surgery, six weeks in cast and now six weeks in a brace. his parents haven't ruled out brendon having the tommy john's surgery. >> it's not just about baseball because if it doesn't heal properly then it's going to affect him in everything that he does so we're doing everything ss surgery, but if that's the decision that we have to make and that's the best decision for brendon we will do what's best for him in the long run. >> bryce is healing from his surgery and hopes to play by spring. >> it's going good. i haven't had any problems. >> what would you say to other parents about this surgery? >> well, you've got to way out your situation, your kid's talent ability, the pros and cons and make the best decision. there is no right or wrong answer. >> when you look at him right
8:38 am
>> i'm a proud dad. he's worked very hard to get where he is. >> do you dream of the majors? >> yeah, it's a big dream for me. big dream. that's everything right there. >> for "today" janet shamlian, nbc news, loxahatchee, florida. >> it was interesting watching all your faces as we told the story of the older player and then when that 11-year-old boy everybody just kind of looked like this and their jaws dropped. >> a heart wrenching decision for that u.s.a. baseball along with experts including dr. andrew have come up with pitch smart guidelines for younger players, they emphasize the importance of limiting the number of pitches thrown by younger players to reduce injuries, the range is from a maximum of 50 pitches daily for seven to eight year olds to 120 pitches daily for 19 to 22 year olds. it also includes how many days rest should be required between
8:39 am
look -- whatever the sport, soccer, baseball or football but taking a look at how to make players safer. coming up next the remarkable room transformation jill just pulled off for a couple expecting three. but first this is "today" on
8:40 am
8:41 am
renovate today is created with our sponsor lowe's. for more content like this, we are back now with our special series renovate today. earlier this fall we asked viewers to tell us about their rooms that needed a redo because they were going through some kind of a major life change. >> our next story definitely qualifies. jill martin is here to tell us about a couple who answered our shout out. good morning. >> this is an incredible series and we had fun doing it. we teamed up with lowe's to find well deserving families across
8:42 am
makeover because they were going through a transition, the biggest challenge finding something from the old space to fit in with the new one. >> one, two, three. >> wow. it's beautiful. >> sara and matt turkot first met in the sixth grade, he was the star basketball player and she was the cute cheerleader on the other team. >> we knew ehe excited we were finally getting married. >> three years ago they tied the knot and looked towards their next milestone, starting a family. >> it was far from easy road for us, we immediately jumped into ivf. >> we went through about five cycles where we implanted twice and neither of those pregnancies took, so it was a big emotional toll. >> with their funds drying up they decided to try one more
8:43 am
had a 30% chance of having twins, never preparing them for the news they were go to receive. >> he said, well, we see a heartbeat over here and then we see a heartbeat over here and then he kept going and said and it appears there is a third heartbeat. and i just started crying at that point. >> this family of two was about to become five and we wanted to help. so we enlisted lowe's head designer deb to transform nursery for the triplets to be. >> can i see the space? >> yes. >> the prom was promising, natural light, wood floors, ample space. >> what is your vision. >> a comfortable place. >> warm, inviting, practical. >> sara and matt had a request of their own. >> this is a needle point made for me when i was a baby. >> i love it. >> this was in my bedroom growing up. >> i love it. >> and then this is the picture
8:44 am
transferred. >> look at that. >> i am officially kicking you out. >> thank you. ? >> we are in front of the turkot home and we have only had three days to turn the guest room into a baby home but it's finally time for finishing touches. let's go, deb. >> let's go. >> we need a giant giraffe. one of our huge was picking a paint color that was gender neutral. >> i think this is such a night neutral finish. >> last touch. >> let's go get them. >> let's go. >> i love it. >> it's beautiful. >> more than i could ever have imagined. i never dreamed of three. i know that. all at once. i never knew how it would fit. >> we just kind of imagined three cribbs. >> in a row. >> army style.
8:45 am
the list. >> i know that you and your design focus was based around one thing. >> really off of your little baby embryo pictures, right, there's two images there, but we're moving on to three babies, so within this one space they needed their own little nook. these beds will convert and will take you all the way on up to a twin bed so they will be in their own little nook as they grow up to little people. >> group hug. >> everyone cries. >> it's so sweet and all the three cribbs lined up. >> that was cute. >> they were so grateful. so the cribbs will grow into twin beds so the babies will fwroi in the room and each shand clear has its own outlet so if one baby is sleeping don't wake up the other babies. >> you said the black boards you could do feeding schedules. >> and their names. >> their names. which one are you?
8:46 am
>> we're so happy for him. >> next up we do a man cave next week. >> oh. >> i like that. >> oh. >> nursery to man cave. >> thank you, jill. coming up next here is a transition, slime filled spiders might not sound appetizing but we will serve up unforgettable halloween treats.
8:47 am
8:48 am
all right. this morning on today food things are getting creepy on our plaza. four days until halloween. >> alias straun is the talent behind the brand my cupcake addiction. it's nice to have you back. how are you doing? >> i am excited to show you my new recipes. these are so much fun for the halloween season. >> it doesn't look like it's all that complicated although you do need some basics. where do we start.
8:49 am
cheesecake and give it a frankenstein twist, i have cream cheese, candy coated chocolates, chocolate cookies, butter, vanilla, green food color and cream. first decorations. >> okay. we have a little dark candy melts in a snap seal bag. >> you are using a oc >> how are your typing skills? >> not strong. i'm going to mash how you do it. >> a couple triangles, going to make frankenstein's head. don't worry if you make a mess. >> how long will that take to firm up. >> in this weather probably eight seconds. >> matt, do you want to do a baking. >> sure. >> in goes the butter into our
8:50 am
firm quick no bake biscuit base. they are going to go into a placing jar, then you put in your cookie base and the triangles become frankenstein's head. >> do we freeze them. >> you can let them get to room temperature or pop them in the fridge. over here our basic cheesecake batter but we will dye it green. do you want to whip this through. >> sure. >> we can fold through a whipped cream mixture. >> we will move through this so we can see the end product. >> in goes the finished product. spoon our green cheesecake mixture over -- is it wrong to say hair when we're took cooking. >> this looks to good. >> this is the one you want to be able to lick the woul.
8:51 am
upside down. so you turn it around and you can see where we're going with frank frankenstein. >> adorable. >> do you want to do a frankenstein face? how crafty are you feeling? >> not very crafty. >> make him smyly. >> make him angry. >> i see. >> kids would love that. >> this is a great time to get the kids involved. >> i drew matt. >> nice. >> these are super fun they are a great addition to the party. using a basic cake mold and dark candy melts. >> let me see what those look like. >> sampling on the job. we have a couple candy coated w whoppers, we will dip that in the dark chocolate and add on
8:52 am
legs. the kicker is inside we're putting a flavored jelly mixture. >> slime. >> slime. so when you get to the end of this you can eat them or if you are afraid of spiders you can smash them. anyone asked about killing a spider on the set? >> i like eating them more than smashing them. >> i will going to take one for the team. >> stand clear. >> the climb comes out, the spider goes yw interactive element. >> kids would love that. >> finally -- >> what do you have? >> these are our bleeding eyeball milkshakes, they are like a chocolate milk shake with whipped cream on top. fun to do with the kids or for the kids. >> savannah has never met a milk shake she doesn't like. >> thank you so much. >> i think we did this by request today. >> good job.
8:53 am
we are back in a moment.
8:54 am
we are back. 8:54. good time for birthdays. >> time to spin the smuckers jar and find hout who we are celebrating today. a happy 101 rs birthday to alice
8:55 am
pennsylvania, loves browsing the supermarket aisle for the best deals. jim schatzel is 101 years old, proud grand dad from cuyahoga falls, ohio. he says the secret to his longevity is enjoying a good glass of scotch. amen, jim. happy 100 birthday to margaret of monongahela, pennsylvania, she loves sports and owned her own bar in town. she loves gambling at the casinos. >> this is a great group. we have to get them together. >> carrie lewis of chicago, illinois, celebrating 100 years. that's fantastic. she owned a bar -- no. she shares a house with her 97-year-old sister minny. happy 75th anniversary to henry and lydia zacca of
8:56 am
been together ever since. their secret is to never go to bed angry. don't forget to let us know about the folks in your life celebrating special birthdays or anniversaries. head to make sure you include a photo. >> never go to bed angry. >> there you go. >> words to live by. >> don't drive angry, either.
8:57 am
this is 9news. hi, everyone, i'm gary shapiro with this 9news update. it was a domestic disturbance call that got really violent and then deadly and we are soon going to have a look at the shooting of douglas county detective dan brite and the killing of the suspect who shot him. how it all went down. police in parker are going to release the body cam video of the officers involved in the shooting this morning. police say the suspect, randall brite. later ronnie darrelle fired back at the suspect and killed him. once again we will get a look at especially darrelle's body cam video at 9:45 this morning. marty joins us now with the weather forecast. and it's hard to complain about really beautiful weather. >> it's pretty dry, though. i mean, we have to keep that in mind and we are going to be dry again during the day today. we will have a few clouds around, sunrise is unbelievable. it was so beautiful this morning. we will see a few clouds in
8:58 am
evening tonight. dry, warm day with 60s and 70s in mountain areas, we will be in the upper 70s to near 80. if we get 80 or better, that will tie or break the existing record which we set 50 years ago today. tomorrow, again, close to 80 degrees, which is also the record high. it is going to be slightly cooler going into the day on saturday, it will be very cloudy around here saturday morning, that because of some rain in western colorado, they will be able to spare us much rain and then it gets cooler for halloween but as rod mackey says, it always snows on halloween so i guess we should be thankful for that. >> yes, i think so. we will be back 25 minutes
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on today's take a hollywood icon director ron howard on fire again with his latest blockbuster "inferno." the money sters are back but you haven't seen anything like this. and we will ask emmy winner bradley whitford about a west wing reunion. comingri from nbc news this is today's take live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today," thursday morning, october 27th, 2016. al along with tamron and dylan. i had to do that open three times because i couldn't say west ring -- west wing reunion with bradley whitford.
9:01 am
>> i couldn't get that one. the birthdays, we had a whole bunch of interesting 100-year-old birthdays. >> what was the name of the town. >> among hay la. >> everybody getting excited about thanksgiving. before that we have halloween. >> what? >> what about all these halloween segments we have. >> we're going right to the stuffing. >> what about christmas? >> how about arbor day. so i decided deborah got in a costume for pepper. >> that's your pet. >> my little dog pepper and this is the only -- i posted this on instagram, this is the only pumpkin spice i will agree to like because it's pepper and she is in the pumpkin. >> i got the pumpkin spice thing but then i remembered the dog's name was pepper i was like it's even more genius.
9:02 am
flavoring. >> how about pepper feel about that? >> 30 seconds after that had been taken she shoo k that off. >> the pumpkin ends up on the belly. >> her waistline. >> well, she has -- we took her to the vet and he said he'd like her to lose one or two pounds, not that she's overweight now, but as she ages smaller dogs -- >> which it's hard to keep pets weight in check because they are always so cute and you want >> they have a problem on the home. >> the doctor was in the speakerphone he said we have to cut out the in between meal treats. i said we don't give them in between meal treats and deborah starts walking around. >> boss co has -- >> they asked if i had pictures of boss co in a halloween costume which i don't but going through the pictures on my phone i found this one.
9:03 am
about that. >> she looks miserable. >> if you were to put jean shorts on a dog would you put them on like that or all four legs so the waist comes up halfway. >> or just not put them on. >> that's a good idea. >> she almost looks like. >> a person. >> like a person. >> she looks like she's scottish. >> she does. >> her eyes stair right into you. >> she's staring through that camera, woman, go et these off of me. >> and people will saying she is a boy with the beard. the beard m is a boy. >> i'm an awful dog mom. i have not found a costume for may love yet. >> that does not make you awful. >> may love, she's going as a chihuahua. >> she's actually a great dane. >> mae love is going as a great dane. i went on amazon because i felt parent shamed by both of you and i can't get anything for monday. >> there is this new thing where you actually go to a store.
9:04 am
you open it and walk in. >> it's just this new york mentality to just order everything. i was saying if i get a headache i'd rather order aspirin online than go to the store. >> come on. >> i've done that. >> because there are no dwayne reeds within 100 feet of you. >> the fact that you can do this -- >> on your way home from the subway you've got to pass at least three -- >> i'm in a tunnel, i'm walking, looking f going in to find my computer to buy what i made a mental note of in my head while i was walking past the stores. >> it's hard to go to the store. i'm right there with you. >> now i have got to go because mae love. and if you have any suggestions -- >> you don't have to go anywhere. >> i have to put her in a costume. >> you don't have to. buck the pressure. >> i want her to look good when i answer the door for my kids in my neighborhood. >> dylan with the strong throw back thursday.
9:05 am
you as a kid which i think is so terrific. >> my mom gave each of us kids multiple shoeboxes of pictures from our childhood. look at the giant plastic bottle of vodka over my left shoulder. >> that's water. your parents told me that's water. >> no, i was at my grandmother's house. but i was apparently a fortune teller that year. the glasses were not part of the costume. >> those are your glasses. >> those are actually prescription glasses i wore. >> i think you should wear that you put that on and we've got ourselves a party. >> we have ourselves a costume. >> what did you do yesterday the prenatal yoga. >> it's something that has been recommended for a long time to me. prenatal yoga, it gets your mind and body right for eventual family. >> we have a bunch of producers, sara, kristen mcgee -- >> and you guys travel with a camera crew. >> is this for a story? >> it was for a story which
9:06 am
>> which helps because it gets my foot in the door. it ended up taking away a lot from it because just the breathing, i can't touch my toes before being pregnant. >> maybe they should do couples, prenatal couples, i could see brian doing that with you. >> i wonder if they do that. >> we don't work out together. >> no. >> it's just like a thing. >> you need your space. >> i think it's more he wants his space because i think i would just bother him the whole time. >> nobody buying into this idea. >> no prenatal thing. >> i can't wait to see that air. >> we are doing a bunch of, you know, leading up to pregnancy things, stories that will air on weekend "today." prenatal yoga was one of them and i feel better now. >> how does the baby good. >> feels good. just chilling out. >> i'm fine. everything is great. >> what were you doing last night? >> i was at the dream hotel in downtown new york at the inspire difference award, it's the id investigation discovery which my
9:07 am
out amazing awards, dave navarre row he received his award. this woman is so amazing, she operates a shelter out of homes that she's rehabbed in detroit. there's only one shelter for abused women and men to find safety in detroit. >> really? >> and she rehabs homes and she was our every day persona ward. but joy behar and david navarro we >> and there's henry shlief. >> i gave a remark about the -- it was an incredible night. it is inspire a difference. i took a picture of it. i've never seen this before. they had a dessert wall where there is a stick and doughnuts were on the stick. >> i thought those were doughnuts behind you but i didn't think that was inappropriate. >> there's always humor everywhere.
9:08 am
off the wall. >> i love it. >> the question is would you do it? >> i would. >> i didn't and i never say no to anything with sugar because i was not sure. i was unsure. i just felt like it was like do i go in and pull it off. >> are you supposed to eat them or are they part of a decoration. >> i tend to like the second -- if there's a loaf of bread i like the piece after the third piece. >> yes, because and stale. >> you are the one who has been in the pantry here, looks like somebody has been pulling through the loaves of bread. >> it's like a deck of cards. >> shuffling the deck. >> so the doughnuts -- i didn't want to pull off the first one to get the second one to pull the other one on there. that's what we did last night. this weather is crazy. >> this is crazy. even though it's kind of winterlike last night jimmy fallon and justin timberlake were thinking about summer, they had a little summer camp thing,
9:09 am
and belted out this classic tune. check it out. ? an old man turned 98 ? ? he won the lottery then died the next day ? ? it's a black fly in your chardonnay ? ? it's a death row pardon two minutes too late ? ? and isn't ? don't you think ? ? it's like rain on your wedding day ? ? it's a free ride when you've already paid ? ? it's the good advice that you just can't take ? ? and would have thought ? >> boys, boys -- >> see, i didn't know the song. >> oh, really?
9:10 am
>> alanis morissette. >> that's like a crank it up. >> that was in the '90s. >> he has not heard -- >> it's been imitated and played in so many different -- >> i'm not surprised he doesn't know t not his lane. but this bromance scale of with unto ten, jimmy fallon. >> that's off the charts. >> where does it rank? >> the bromance, it's got to be right at the top. >> because there's so much talent. >> like ron howard and making a splash with channing tatum and what about julia robert and derma maloney. cottonelle asked real people about cleaning... their bums. what? (laughs) (laughs) what does cleanripple texture do? catches all the stuff that you want to get out. this is really nice.
9:11 am
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9:14 am
? it's the good advice that you just didn't take ? ? and who would have thought it figures ? >> no? bring it back, baby. here is your forecast. >> now we officially -- if you ever want al roker to leave -- he's going. no. you c >> he's hitting his head on the wall. okay. this will bring you back. movie remakes. how about this, mr. roker. a couple of movie remakes -- >> very excited about this. >> splash, channing tatum apparently as a merman. >> as a merman. replacing darryl hannah as a mermaid. >> i haven't seen the film. >> you haven't? >> a ron howard directed movie.
9:15 am
>> tom hanks falls in and if a uls in love with darrell hannah. >> channing tatum will be the merman. >> tom hanks wants in on the remake. he told ap he would come back and then run off with channing tatum. >> that would make it a whole different story line. >> ron howard who directed the original, he directed the original, he is going to be on our program in the next half hour. >> okay. my best friend's you up for a trip down the aisle. >> i do love that movie and the sound track -- >> it's a fun movie. >> i know the sound track for sure. michael mcdermott told huchk post it would be a good idea but it's not a real thing. >> say a little prayer, that scene was spectacular. >> ? i run for the bus, dear ?
9:16 am
you ? ? and we just can't take time ? ? and all through my coffee break time ? ? i say a little prayer for you ? ? forever and ever you stay in my hearts ? >> i love when they have the lob lobster claws. >> this is more of your speed. >> a remake. please, this is fantastic. >> one of you >> muppet babies? that's right. >> the show i would wake up for on saturday morning, by myself sitting in the living room watching this open. >> how cute was baby miss piggy and baby gonzo. >> it's going to come out in 2018. you will be able to watch with your baby. >> i was actually thinking that because now i can introduce him to it and it's a totally different -- look at how cute
9:17 am
>> that's even better. >> i'm so excited for it. my heart skipped a beat. >> that will be fun. i hope it does better than the muppet reboot that was on abc last year. >> that was like an evening. >> yeah, it was horrible. >> less than happy thoughts. >> muppet movies are always good. >> can't go wrong. >> hopefully it's better than getting a pumpkin stuck on your head. you may want to take a lessen from this girl on what not to her name is rachel and she was eventually -- here we go, she goes in. rachel, no, don't do it. >> i love that the family is watching. >> and they're videotaping it. >> they're just hoping. >> she eventually was freed after her mom reached into the pumpkin. >> she goes all in, literally. >> the only thing you see the ponytail. >> it does make a funny picture. i mean, after the fact not so funny. >> i would have freaked out.
9:18 am
>> her dad wiggled her out. >> look at the brothers, you know they are like, yeah, yeah, no, we're really trying. >> she got out, dad wiggled her out. >> that's terrifying. >> her brothers were probably like uh-huh. >> and that's the finished product and she has a smile on her face. >> now we're going to do weather. all right. let's show you what we've got. hey, it's going to be a weekend of world series baseball friday windy 63, saturday some showers, 66, cooling off on sunday, game day, 55 degrees and partly cloudy skies. for today rest of your weather we are looking at a beautiful day as you get down through the gulf coast, near record highs in the southwest, more rain in the pacific northwest, northern california, mountain snows in northern new england and parts
9:19 am
that's your latest weather. hey, if y munsters stomp. that's right. we're going to show you how to do it when we come back after these messages. >> a lot of moves for us to
9:20 am
here's a little healthy advice. take care of what makes you, you. right down to your skin. for healthier looking skin in just one day. aveeno?. naturally beautiful results? ? ? ? ? can you say i love it? ? ? oh love it? ? ? can you say hey? ? ? hey! ? ? that's the spirit! oooooh.? ? ooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.? ? ooooh oooh.? ? every little thing. ? damaged hair? not my problem. now i use total repair 5.h oooh.?
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enge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics everyday. take the activia probiotic challenge! billions of probiotics everyday. does your makeup remover take it all off? every kiss-proof, cry-proof, stay-proof look? with one towelette. need any more proof than that? we all remember the classic tv series from the 1960s starring the strange yet loveable family who lived at 1313 mockingbird lane, the munsters, herman, his wife lily
9:23 am
it's that new hit show that has a new generation doing the monster stomp. >> it was performed as a flash mob in times square. we brought it to our network thanks to cozi tv. >> take it away. ? ? ? ?
9:24 am
>> oh, my goodness. whoa. that was incredible. >> that was -- oh, there's the couple. they are still together. >> hello ladies. >> we have not done this. we're going to learn some moves. >> can we move some of the munster stomp. we're going to start with four munster ponies to the right. one and two, three and four, five and six, seven and eight. okay. from there we are going to do the herman vogues. really let me hear a roar. knees. >> so from the top we go. ? >> the werwolf, hands behind your head and knees.
9:25 am
saturday and sunday starting at 1:00 p.m. up next, the great ron howard after your local news. ? go paperless, don't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ? ? accident-free ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? ? go paperless, don't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ? ? accident-free ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? i can't lip-synch in these conditions. ? oh, yeah ? wahhhh... right. in. your. stomach! watch this!...
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ice cream, without that annoying lactose. lactaid.
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9:29 am
9:30 am
? all right. ron howard has been in show business his entire life, first as an actor now as an academy award winning director whose newest film "inferno." >> before we catch up with ron let's take a brief t memory lane. >> this land is mine. >> give me back my son. >> stop. i don't know anything. >> academy award winning director ron howard's films have racked up over $1 billion at the box office over the past three decades. >> she's a mermaid. >> the man behind such blockbuster hits as "splash" tarring tom hanks as a guy who
9:31 am
>> and cocoon where seniors get a new lease on life after taking a plunge into alien waters. >> look at him. that's my brother. >> even taking on day to day emergencies faced head on by firefighters. >> houston, we have a problem. >> and real life adventures into space collaborating with thanks as part of the apollo 13 crew. howard began his love affair with hollywood playing opie in >> what are you doing? >> i was holding my breath. >> ron grew up to be a pop culture icon. >> you are the greatest, fonz. >> as ritchie running ham on happy days that made its way to television in the '70s. more than 20 of howard's films have hit the big screens. now the howard/thanks duo back
9:32 am
questions, lady, but i'm not going to know the answer. >> we have questions and you're going to answer them. thank you for being here. >> that was flattering. thank you for that. >> ten years since the original, now the third installment. do they get easier as they get along or do you find you have set a bar you have to go over that. >> these are challenging rumors and while tom and my producing are not under contract to do them. we thought it was a great book but we didn't think that the adaptation was something fresh and exciting that would help us grow as artists. when "inferno" came along we thought this is great. this is great. it uses the robert langdon chasing through the clue path, all the stuff people really love but it's more modern, it's edgier, a little more dangerous, around halloween there are even
9:33 am
place creatively. >> it was intense. i won't give anything away but my heart -- the popcorn, i was like -- you love watching movies i go he is with popcorn. >> of course. >> it's so intense. >> thank you. the audiences, test audiences and now it's been released overseas are telling us that it's the most suspenseful of all of them. i think a lot of it has to do with the fact that this time tom hanks, robert of the mystery. he doesn't know where he fits in. it's this whole question of trust. also a great set of characters and i think the relationships in this one actually factor into the plot in ways that they didn't before. so i think as an actor's director i probably enjoyed director this one most of all. >> i would think that climax, i don't know how much tom hanks would have enjoyed that because you could have killed him in
9:34 am
on a wire and going back to "splash" he is good under water, we know this. >> some of his best work. >> he was game. look, he is game, he is a pro's pro and in addition to being a great artist and a consummate team player, but he did stand up out of the water and, you know, his head slammed against the pillar and he said -- he said, ron howard, professional movie director, saves the stuff that could kill the star of the movie for the last day. >> it is so true. >> he gets back at you this past week on "snl" and does this ron howard imitation. let's roll a clip. >> it's me, ron howard, how cool is that? i know you are probably asking yourself why the heck am i
9:35 am
show. it's simple, pet bloopers just make me giggle. >> you have to grade it. is that you? do you see you in that? >> i'm going to go with the, you know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery approach. >> okay. >> tom does that on the set once in awhile, he sneaked it in a couple of times and he actually e-mailed me and said, brace yourself, ron, i'm doing a whole sketch as you, but it's irresistible. look, i got a huge kick out of it. >> it was pretty good. >> we have to ask you about "splash." >> oh, that's right. >> the reboot. >> we're working on it and channing tatum, jillian bell brought us this idea of flipping it. >> a merman. >> a merman and so it's just in development but it's brian grazer's original idea. we are sitting there at our imagine offices and it's the first time somebody has come up
9:36 am
sequel and it's by flipping it. we will see how the script turns out. >> tom hanks says he wants in and he wants to run away with channing tatum. >> we will see where the screenplay takes it. >> that's a no. >> it's a development process. >> ron howard, thank you so much. "inferno" hitting theaters tomorrow. coming up next, emmy winning actress tracey ullman back to her sketch comedy roots. get ready to laugh, some of her best imon who is responsible for the ? who is responsible for the life can be messy... but with crayola color wonder... it doesn't have to be. because the fun stays on the page... and doesn't go anywhere else. don't you wish life could be this mess-free? all magic, no mess.
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sweet sun ripened strawberries. no artificial flavors. philadelphia? strawberry. rich..., creamy... ...and delicious. nothing else tastes like philadelphia? seven time count them seven time emmy award winning s comedy actress tracey ullman has been making audiences laugh for three decades all the way back to the tracey ullman show which i was obsessed with this 1987. >> tracey is returning to her roots with a new sketch comedy show and of course she's doing what she does best, famous impersonations. >> including this man, judy dench. take a look. >> i saw that.
9:41 am
>> oh, it's you, isn't it? >> if you mean is it judy dench. >> you are a national treasure. >> i can get away with anything but of course i don't. oh, what is that over there? my mistake. >> i love it. >> that is so spot on. yeah. >> but the scenario, being judy dench shoplifting. >> she can get away with anything and she pearces tires on cars and scratches them and they are like you are judy dench. >> she actually liked it. >> she said i'm tracey ullman and she pre tends to steal things when she's leaving meetings so i've been told.
9:42 am
>> is that one of your favorite characters to may or do you have a favorite? >> if i did i'd write a show where i just played one person which would make it easier. no, i just love being everybody. here i'm angela merkel, judy dench, kmicamilla parker bowls. no, i don't, i love being somebody new every hour. >> when did you realize that you could do these faces and in. >> on my mother's window sill when i was six, that's how i start the show with a little film of me when i was young i used to dance in my mother's bedroom, i did a show in my mother's bedroom and i was a spinoff of my sister patty ullman, which she likes to point out, you are just a spinoff. i could impersonate my teachers, my neighbors, my friends and, i don't know, it's just what i do. that's how i --
9:43 am
and you had an album. >> i was like a one-hit wonder pop star for a second there. >> that's a big deal. >> look at you doing that. >> there i am. there he is. >> with paul mccartney. big deal. >> that's not so shabby. >> look at us, we're so young. i just showed up at his pink in a mini dress and said will you be in my he said i will come down stairs and do that. >> and he did it. >> if you show up in somebody's office with a pink mini dress it's hard for them to say no. >> al, you should try that. >> i have tried that, it doesn't work. you are also my hero. >> am i? >> al roker's hero. get out of here. look at him. he's always here, he's here. he's here. solid dependable, look at him, al. >> i love this. >> i'm trying to bend his
9:44 am
>> smart, he smells nice. this is him. this is how he gets up. >> this is exciting. but you brought us the simpsons. >> yeah, i did. >> in your original show on fox. >> yeah. i breast-fed the yellow people and i wish i could get three minutes in the middle of their show. i love them. >> do they give you credit for you having been the reason why they are around it's great. i'm thrilled to be associated with it. >> tracey, thank you so much. >> julie, julie, remember all that advice years ago, this is my best impression of julie, i can't stop. stop me. slap me. >> i just want to hear -- >> tracey is going to continue with her show it premieres tomorrow night on hbo. you have the weather. >> would you like to do the weather with me.
9:45 am
i first met you and you were like, i don't know. you were like winding me up. i was like i'm going to hawaii, what's the weather going to be like. you were like i don't know. >> come on, do the weather with me. yeah. i can't get enough tracey ullman -- we have to go like that. >> just keep moving. it's halloween. i will do the splits at the end i promise. >> you will? >> i will. >> you're going to do a split at the end. >> at the end. >> record highs in the plains, widespread warmth -- since we are why don't you do your split. >> what did i say i would do that for? >> yes. tracey ullman, ladies and gentlemen. tracey ullman. that's what's going on around the country, here is what's happening in your --
9:46 am
i love my job. >> we want to be you when we grow up. >> my kids are going to k >> and if that wasn't enough, he won an emmy for his role on the hit nbc series west wing, bradley whitford involved in real life politics, find out why he's living dangerously these days. after these messages. listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs. this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. just ask listerine? users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically
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9:51 am
which premieres on "national geographic" on sunday it a documentary series that examines climate change from all different angles. my particular episode is about how do we deal with this issue in a nonpartisan way? how do we deal with people who we fundamentally disagree with in order to make progress it was fascinating. >> it's an interesting way in. you got a lot of celebrities involved in this. it's the first project we see david letterman in. >> he examines the way india is building up solar power and it deals with the questions of why we are not doing as much here when they're doing it there. gisele is in this, jack black is in this series. >> all the celebrities tackle a
9:52 am
and my particular thing was dealing with republicans who have been resistant to acknowledge the science on climate change and there's some real heroes in congress, carlos car bellow from the 27th district in florida has shown that he really wants to work on this, lee zeldin who represents the first district in new york and the only way to move forward on this issue is in a bipartisan way. it's so much fun as we can see every day to s people who you disagree with politically, but it does not get anything done. >> sure. >> and it was a fascinating way to learn how the citizens climate lobby is reaching to congress to find a bipartisan way to deal with these issues. >> speaking of bipartisan everybody loves -- loved the "west wing" and you guys got together recently a bunch of you, allison janey.
9:53 am
incredibly -- richard schiff spoke for all of us movingly. it was amazing to stand behind allison who was truly one of the most beloved -- there is nobody who has ever worked with her who hasn't loved her. >> reunion? >> huh? >> reunion, "west wing." >> i'm ready. >> can you do a split, too? >> of course i can. >> can we see it? >> of course you can. >> season two of years of living dangerously premieres this sunday night. this is "today" on nbc. that is impressive.
9:54 am
9:55 am
what's coming up next?
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